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Site Description


Sarobestugenya marsh is in the Sarobetsugawa river basin. At the beginning of pioneer days, the area had 20,000 ha, and 70 % was peatlands. There are many marshes such as Penkenuma marsh, Pankenuma marsh and Kabutonuma, making stop over spots for migrating water birds.

Sarobestugenya marsh consists of low moors and high moors, so you can study the history of moors by just taking a walk on the boards. During spring migration season, some summer visitors such as Siberian Rubythroat, Stonechat and Yellow Wagtail can be observed in the area. During autumn migration season, 7,000-8,000 Bean Geese stopover, making this a common sight in autumn. Recent breeding of Japanese Cranes suggests that the area still has good habitat for wildlife.

Area & Coordinates

15,000ha 45°06′N 141°41′E
region: Hokkaido



Designation Type

National Park, Wildlife Protection Area (government), Ramsar Site

Protection Status


Conservation issues


Breeding resident

Dendrocopos major, Picus canus, Aegithalos caudatus japonicus, Parus palustris

Breeding visitor

Luscinia calliope, Saxicola torquata, Emberiza spodocephala, Emberiza aureola, Locustella fasciolata, Grus japonensis

Winter visitor

Haliaeetus pelagicus, Haliaeetus albicilla, Anser fabalis, Cygnus cygnus

Passage visitor

Limnodromus scolopaceus, Tringa erythropus, Tringa nebularia, Phalaropus lobatus




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