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JP016Lake Akkeshi, Bekanbeushi marsh

Site Description


The site consists of Lake Akkeshiko, a brackish lake, and a lowland moor with Phragmites australis and Carex where the Bekanbeushigawa river flows into Lake Akkeshiko, a high moor near the center, and a salt marsh on the sea coast. Japanese Cranes breed on the marsh. Lake Akkeshiko is the largest wintering ground in Japan for Whooper Swan, because it does not freeze all over the lake even during cold winters.

Area & Coordinates

20,000ha 43°05′N 145°53′E
region: Hokkaido


A1, A4i

Designation Type

Wildlife Protection Area (government), Prefectural National Park, Ramsar Site

Protection Status


Conservation issues


Breeding visitor

Grus japonensis

Winter visitor

Cygnus cygnus, Anatidae, Haliaeetus pelagicus

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