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JP032Bentenjima islet

Site Description

Coastline; Grassland

Bentenjima islet is located 800 m off shore of Ohmasaki, the northernmost of Honshu. The distance between east and west of the islet is about 400 m, south and north is about 450 m, and the area is 9 ha with its perimeter of 2.7 km, and it is an uninhabited rocky islet with the highest height of 11 m. In the middle of the islet there is a flat area part of 10-12 m diameters. Colonies of Artemisia indica var. maximowiczii and Elymus mollis are found around this flat part, and this vegetation is 5-6 m in height leading to the shore via small cliffs of 3-4 m height.

Area & Coordinates

9ha 41°33′N 140°55′E
region: Tohoku


A4i, A4iii

Protection Status


Conservation issues


Breeding resident

Larus crassirostris, Larus schistisagus, Falco peregrinus, Phalacrocorax capillatus, Motacilla alba, Monticola solitarius, Corvus corone, Corvus macrorhynchos



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