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JP081Hachijojima island

Site Description

Coastline; Forest

It is located about 290 km south of Tokyo metropolitan area. The island has two volcanos, Mt. Miharayama (701 m) on the southeast and Mt.Hachijofuji(854 m) on the northwest. Besides, there is an uninhabited islet called Hachijokojima about 7.5 km northwest of Hachijojima. There are evergreen broadleaf forests on the side of Mt. Miharayama, which has a long history as a volcano, while there is a wetland on the volcanic hill at the center of Mt. Hachijofuji. Hachijokojima island still has evergreen broadleaf forests where Izu Islands Thrushes, Ijima's Leaf Warblers and Japanese Wood Pigeons live, but its vegetation has been being destroyed by feral goats in recent years.

Area & Coordinates

6,948ha 33°06′N 139°48′E
region: Kanto


A1, A2, A4ii

Designation Type

National Park, Wildlife Protection Area (Local)

Protection Status


Conservation issues


Breeding resident

Columba janthica, Ninox scutulata, Troglodytes troglodytes, Erithacus akahige, Monticola solitarius, Zoothera dauma, Turdus celaenops, Cettia diphone, Parus varius, Zosterops japonicus

Breeding visitor

Cuculus poliocephalus, Apus pacificus, Phylloscopus ijimae

Winter visitor

Falco peregrinus, Anthus spinoletta

Passage visitor

Bubulcus ibis, Heteroscelus brevipes




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