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JP030Hakodate bay, Kameda south coast

Site Description


On the coast of Hakodate bay exists a flat shore reef zone called Hiraiso, and grow abundant marine plants. At low tide, the depth of water becomes shallow and at the spring tide Hiraiso is exposed all over. The whole area is a migratory stopover point of geese and ducks.

Low shrub bushes are seen around Shirakamimisaki cape lighthouse at the south coast of Kameda Peninsula where is a stopover point of summer birds, and they migrate to the opposite side in Tsugaru Peninsula from here. The migratory peak is October and a lot of small birds gather at this area and birds of prey aim at them.

Area & Coordinates

4,300ha 41°46′N 140°48′E
region: Hokkaido



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Branta bernicla, Mergus merganser, Mergus serrator, Melanitta nigra, Histrionicus histrionicus, Bucephala clangula, Podiceps cristatus, Laridae



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