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JP107Ikawazu tidal flat

Site Description


The site comprises of muddy flats of sandy mudstones, beaches of sand gravel, the Shimborigawa river basin and saline wetland near the mouth of the river. Seaside plants and peculiar plants adapted to salt marsh environment are seen. In the hinterland there exist ponds for cultivation of eels, farmlands and greenhouses. It is one of the foremost fishing grounds in the Mikawa Bay where laver seaweed is cultivated from winter to spring and clams are caught in spring.

Area & Coordinates

870ha 34°39′N 137°08′E
region: Tokai Chubu Region



Designation Type

Quasi-National Park

Protection Status

Partially protected

Conservation issues


Breeding resident

Phalacrocorax carbo, Ardeola alba, Ardea cinerea, Gallinula chloropus

Passage visitor

Charadrius dubius, Charadrius mongolus, Pluvialis fulva, Arenaria interpres, Calidris canutus, Tringa nebularia, Heteroscelus brevipes, Actitis hypoleucos, Limosa limosa, Limosa lapponica, Numenius arquata, Larus ridibundus, Sterna albifrons

Winter visitor

Podiceps nigricollis, Podiceps cristatus, Pandion haliaetus

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