Bird Sanctuary Miyake Nature Center, Akakokko Station

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Wild Bird Society of Japan Address: 3-9-23 Nishi-gotanda, Shinagawa-ku,Tokyo 141-0031 Japan
Phone: 03-5436-2633
Fax: 03-5436-2635
English Translation:
Asia Club, WBSJ Volunteer Group (FURUKAWA Setsu, KANEKO Keiko, KASE Tomoko, NAGANO Minoru, SAKUMA Shunji, TAKEUCHI Fumie and UENO Naohiro)
Translating Editor:
Meenakshi Nagendran

How to get here, and other information:

By Sea to Miyakejima island

From JR Hamamatsucho station to Takeshiba Passenger Terminal

It takes about 10 minutes on foot from JR Hamamatsucho station on Yamanote line to Takeshiba Passenger Terminal

From Takeshiba Pier to Miyakejima: Tokai Kisen Co., Ltd.
Depart from Tokyo Takeshiba Pier 22:30
Arrive at Miyakejima 05:00

The ship goes to Miyakejima through Mikurajima island and Hachijojima island.
Reservation at Tokai Kisen: (Tel) 03-5472-9999 (9:30-20:00: open every day)

From Miyakejima to Tokyo: Tokai Kisen Co., Ltd.
Depart from Miyakejima 13:35
Arrive at Tokyo Takeshiba Pier 19:45

The departure port in Miyakejima is either from Sabigahama Port or Miike Port or Ofunato Port depending sea conditions. Please confirm the departure port in advance, which is decided at 11:00, by telephone. When the sea condition is very bad, departure time can be substantially advanced.
Reservation Center of Tokai Kisen, Miyake Branch: (Tel) 04994-5-0221

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By Air:

New Central Airservice

Depart from Chofu Airport/Arrive at Miyakejima Airport

Depart from Miyakejima Airport / Arrive at Chofu Airport

Since the service schedule varies depending on the season, please confirm.

(Tel) Miyake Branch 04994-6-0006
   Chofu Branch 0422‐31‐4191

Toho Air Service (helicopter-Tokyo Al-land Shuttle)

Reservation Center of Toho Airline: 04996-2-5222 (9:00-16:00 Closed on Sundays)

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Transportation in Miyakejima:

Local bus service: Buses operated by Miyakemura village go around to both directions (bus runs five times a day)
Taxi: Charterage ¥5,600/hour
Rent-a-car: Available (Since there is no rent-a-car office at the port, we recommend you to make a reservation and to arrange paid transportation services from/to the port in advance.)

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Although there are no big hotels, a lot of guest houses (or Bed and Breakfast, MINSHUKU) are operating.

Accommodations suggested by the Wild Bird Society of Japan:
Snapper ¥6,300∼¥7,300 5 minutes from bus stop ‘Minowa’
Nippanaso-inn ¥7,000∼ 3 minutes from bus stop ‘Tairoike’

Free transportation service is available by both accommodations.

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Other Informations:

Food and goods:
Hot Spring:

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