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KIKUCHI Sayaka, SAKUMA Shunji and UENO Naohiro
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Nature Walking Trails

Welcome to Utonai-ko Sanctuary !!

map of Nature Walking

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There are six trails in the sanctuary by which you can stroll enjoying seasonal wild birds and flowers. However, please refrain from entering grasslands and woods derailing the trails.

  1. Ezo Red Fox Trail
  2. Yellow-breasted Bunting Trail
  3. Common Sandpiper Trail
  4. Woodpecker Trail
  5. Swan Trail
  6. Haskap Trail

Entrance to Nature Walking Trails:
The 'Ezo Red Fox Trail' begins from this point. Park your car in the parking lot and stop by the Nature Center.

The Nature Center:
Get up-dated information about the Sanctuary here. Rangers always welcome you.Well, let's walk along a trail.

Ezo Red Fox Trail:
A trail in the woods where you may watch Ezo Red Foxes Vulpes vulpes schrencki sometimes. A good point to observe forest birds; we recommend you walk slowly here up to the hut in the grassland.

Tasuo Pond:
An oasis in the woods. A small pond on 'Ezo Red Fox Trail.'Hokkaido squirrels Sciurus vulgaris orientis and birds visit here to drink water.

Observation Hut in Grassland:
A hide where you can observe birds in the woods and grasslands. This is the halfway point. Have a short rest here. ' Yellow-breasted Bunting Trail' starts from here.

Yellow-breasted Bunting Trail:
A trail in the shrub. It continues from the Nature Center.

Common Sandpiper Trail:
A trail which weaves through the woods to grasslands. This is the most recommended trail to observe birds in grasslands. We suggest you go to the hut by the lake walking on the boardwalk.

Deck of 'Common Sandpiper Trail':
A deck by the lake from which you can have a panoramic view of the lake. One of the points you can easily observe waterbirds on the lake. A trail which leads to the hut by the lake is on the left.

Observation Hut by the Lake
An observation hut from which you can see waterbirds and grassland birds. Our rangers recommend you observe birds from this location. 'Common Sandpiper Trail' ends here. Go back to the Nature Center.

Woodpecker trail :
A trail which continues from Grey Heron road to the Nature Center. You will find evidence of woodpecker activities on nearby trees. Let's search for visiting woodpeckers in the woods.

The 'Summer Parking Space'
This is another entrance to the sanctuary. In summer, you can park your car here and walk to the Nature Center along the 'Woodpecker Trail'. The parking space is located on the left coming from Route 36.

Entrance to 'Swan Trail':
'Swan Trail' starts from here, near the Nature Center.

Swan Trail:
The longest trail in the sanctuary which leads to Utonai-ko Wildlife Conservation Center along the lake: Walk on the trail watching water birds on the lake on your left, while you can see various forest birds on your right.

Haskap Trail:
A trail through the woods. We recommend you take this trail when you go to Utonai-ko Wildlife Conservation Center. Walk in the woods along the trail listening to birds sing.

Utonai-ko Wildlife Conservation Center:
This facility, cooperatively operated by the Ministry of Environment and the City of Tomakomai, stands by Lake Utonai-ko. There is an observation room, etc., in the facility and video presentations are done here as well.

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