Green Holiday in Taiwan ~International conservation volunteer tour for swallows and wetlands~

Green Holiday is quite a new concept for tourism developed by Wild Bird Society of Japan, which entails practical conservation work, lectures set up with NGOs and local people.
The main focus is Barn Swallows, a common migratory bird in both Taiwan and Japan.
Enjoy your holidays by doing significant conservation activities in a healthy and relaxed environment in Taiwan!

グリーン・ホリデー in 台湾

Nature watch at Gaomei Wetland

18th to 21th September 2015 (4days 3nights)
over 18
55000yen /student 50000yen
(Including plane ticket, transportation in Taiwan, 3nights accommodation, Food- breakfast, packed lunch and dinner except for the evening meal on free time)
Park City Hotel


Wetland conservation work
Wetland conservation work

Swallow nests watch and
communication with children

Visiting “Green School”

Day 1:
18th Sept (Fri)
10:50 leave Tokyo Haneda airport / 13:30 Arrive at Taipei Songshan airport
Leave for Taichung by private coach.
Orientation at Kuo Kang Elementary School
Day 2:
19th Sept (Sat)
Nature watch at Gaomei Wetland
Activity 2.
Conservation work at Gaomei wetland
with local NGO.
Activity 3.
Swallow nests watch and communication with Gaomei Elementary School
Day 3:
20th Sept (Sun)
Activity 2.
Conservation work at Gaomei wetland with university students.
Activity 4.
Cross communication with university Students about swallow and environment issue
Activity 5.
Visit Kuo Kang Elementary School to see “Green School”
Day 4:
21th Sept(Mon)
Free time (Optional bird watching tour will be arranged)
11:00 Leave for Taipei Songshan airport by private coach
16:00 leave Taipei Songshan airport/ 19:55Arrive at Tokyo Haneda airport

Local voice

Kevin Wu (Wild Bird Association of Taiwan)

Kevin Wu (Wild Bird Association of Taiwan)
It’s appreciated that volunteers of WBSJ came to Taiwan for conservation work in Gaomei Wetland. Though it’s only few days, we can feel their heart-felt joy for eco conservation.
I was also glad to see them counting Barn Swallow and talking with students happily which increased the friendship between two countries. Thank you so much for your participation. I look forward to seeing these friends in Taichung soon.

David Wu (Kuo Kang Elementary School)

David Wu (Kuo Kang Elementary School)
We watched Barn Swallow, the closest creature to people. We recorded their nesting, mating, hatching, breeding and training the chicks flying for independence. And some of them bred again for the second time. The process has fulfilled the teachers’ as well as students’ hearts of Kuo Kuang Elementary School. We also felt touched by the happy volunteers of Wild Bird Society of Japan came afar for conserving the habitat of Barn Swallows which inspired us the concept of conservation has no boundary and there is only one planet. Thank these Japanese friends’ kind sharing and instruction. We believe it’s fate that connects us. I am expecting very much for next time.

Mei-jung Yeh

Mei-jung Yeh (Kuo Kang Elementary School)
My students and I have benefited a lot from the Barn Swallow survey. We have watched swallows from nesting, hatching and chicks learning how to fly. We even banded swallow parents for further study. The sensation has been kept in our heart which also planted seeds of hope in the young hearts of these children. I am also happy for knowing lots of Japanese friends. We may now sending messages to each other through FB. I am really happy! Welcome you to Taichung again.

Victor Yu

Victor Yu (Local coordinator, Ecotourism Taiwan)
It’s a great pleasure to work again with WBSJ for the 2nd GH in Taiwan. The passionate and hard-working spirit of the volunteers really inspired the volunteers of WBAT and teachers and students of both Gaomei Elementary School and Kuo Kuang School. Removing invasive plant is an endless work. The participants of GH-TW showed great efficiency and effectiveness to work out 550 square meters in 2 days. The Barn Swallow survey with schools children is also very successful and inspiring as well. This is a work that life affects life. I sincerely appreciate all the participants and WBSJ. Let’s keep up the good thing!

Report of 1st Green Holiday in Taiwan(PDF 2.87MB)

What is Green Holiday?

Green Holiday?
Green Holiday

Green Holiday is a weekend volunteer tour by Wild Bird Society of Japan(WBSJ) for the purpose of encouraging people to take action for nature on their holidays.
The project started since 2009 has been hold at 3 sanctuaries of WBSJ, the site of Red-crowned Crane in Kushiro, the site of Blakiston’s Fish Owl in Nemuro, and the site of waterfowl in Kaga.
The programme consists of lecture, guided tour and practical conservation work in each field. Participants are able to have opportunities of learning conservation and working for nature, and communicating with local society at the same time.
The Concept of Green Holiday

●Contribute nature and local society
●Creating shared value for conservation with people
●Enjoy healthy fulfilling holidays in natural setting

Why do we observe the Barn Swallow

Barn swallow (Photo by David Wu)
Barn swallow
(Photo by David Wu)

Our Tiny Neighbours
Barn Swallow is one of the most familiar birds which has a close association with people for a long time. They travel through both hemispheres from northern breeding areas to southern wintering areas. Barn Swallow can be seen almost all over the world. Everyone even young children can identify our tiny neighbours.
Barn Swallows in trouble
In recent years, Barn Swallows tend to decline in some countries. There are several possible explanations. One of the likely reasons seems to be the changes of land use and farming practice. The management of chemical substances such as insecticides and herbicides may reduce the number of flying insects and make Barn Swallows’ feeding habitat poorer. The other potential reason may be the change of the building materials and style could cause to reduce the number of nest sites.

Barn swallow (Photo by David Wu)
Barn swallow
(Photo by David Wu)

Quick Environmental Health check in your neighbourhood
Barn Swallow is a good indicator of environmental quality. Let’s observe the swallow in your region/country! Not only you can help to educate your students about how to observe nature, but also you can help provide vital and consistent swallow information which will help conservation NGO’s take appropriate actions.

Green Holiday in Taiwan

Barn swallow (Photo by David Wu)

Barn swallow is a common bird in Taiwan and Japan; we can observe their breeding every spring to summer. Wild Bird Society of Japan and Ecotourism Taiwan has been developing the International volunteer tour “Green Holiday in Taiwan-Save the Swallow and Wetland”. The aim of the project is introducing the swallow observation programme in Taiwan, and protection of wetland habitat for swallows and biodiversity.

For more details, please contact Wild Bird Society of Japan
E-mail:[email protected]
Planning: Wild Bird Society of Japan
Local coordinator: Ecotourism Taiwan
Travel arrangement: Japan Eco Planning Service